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Kinder Karate- ages 4 to 6 years old


This class is specially designed for younger children. Through songs, plyometric drills and exercises we help to develop balance, coordination, self discipline, as well as motor skills. The structure of this class will help to develop the attention span, self confidence, and learning to work with each other as well as in a group. We will introduce them to the basics of karate, as well as the Japanese language and culture during this class.

Kids Karate- ages 7 to 12 years old

This class is very individualized even though much of the teaching is in a group. Through positive teaching methods we are able to develop balance, coordination, physical ability, self-confidence and endurance. Self-discipline and responsibility are taught and practiced. Traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate basics, kata forms, self defense and kumite are taught. The Japanese language and culture is taught and practiced.

Adult Co-Ed Karate - ages 13 years old and up

This is a structured class in which we are able to teach everyone at their own level and pace. As your level of ability and endurance increases, our level of expectation also rises. We can help you learn self-defense, self-confidence, and self discipline as well as help you to lose weight, build muscle, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. This class is a Traditional Okinawan Shorin-Ryu class. Karate basics, kata forms, and kumite are taught, as well as methods of self-defense. The Japanese language and culture is taught and practiced.


In addition to traditional karate (empty hands) classes, the school also offers instruction in Okinawan kobudo (art of ancient weapons). Kobudo classes are scheduled each month when students learn the use of bo, tuifa (tonfa), sai, kama, and nunchaku.


Once a month we offer the students the opportunity to practice judo. This special class is taught by our guest judo instructor Sensei Steve Brown.