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The Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do in Orlando, Florida, is dedicated to providing the best instruction in traditional karate in a Christian environment. Traditional karate demands that the mind, body and spirit be trained as one. As our Grand Master, Shoshin Nagamine, founder of Matsubayashi-ryu karate, said, " The mastery of karate-do requires dedication and strenuous effort. To pursue karate means to seek to master one's self ." Although proper technique and intellectual understanding are important, we are equally concerned with the student's attitude and dedication. Students need to demonstrate a willingness to learn and a tenacity to never give up.

Whether a person is only considering a study of the art of karate, or is actually beginning such a study, it is necessary to view karate with a proper perspective. Many people are intensely interested in karate, or other martial arts, but are wary about embarking on a course of instruction in one of the martial arts because of their many misconceptions. I hope that by way of this introduction that we can remove many of these misconceptions of the new student.

The whole person concept is emphasized in this karate club. The achievement of one's potential spiritually, mentally and physically is stressed. Karate combines the body, mind, and spirit in a harmony of the whole person in order to approach perfection in the art.

Our primary goal in life should be devotion to God and thus this karate club operates with Christian values and ideals. These values and goals include academic knowledge, physical fitness, devotion to God, a serene family life and recognition by your fellow human as a contributor to the society in which we live. To do this, you must delegate karate to its proper place in life--don't become a KARATE FANATIC! Learn balance in all things.

Physical fitness, awareness, self confidence, discipline and self defense are taught and are equal in importance. At no time should you place the self defense phase uppermost in your mind. To do so will inevitably bring chaos and unhappiness to your life.

The study of karate is not a short term goal but rather a life long endeavor. It is a journey not a destination and obtaining the black-belt is not a symbol of the end, but of the beginning. As master Kyan said, " A mastery of Karate does not depend upon the learner's physical condition, but mainly on constant practice ".



We offer classes during the week grouped by age: Kinder-Karate (ages 4 to 6 years old), Kids-Karate (7 to 12 years old) and Adult Co-ed Karate (ages 13 years old and up). View details under the Classes menu.