Collection of Black Belt Essays and Research Papers (Thesis)

The following documents were written by their respective authors to fulfill one of the requirements to earn a Black Belt degree at the Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do school in Orlando, Florida.

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A Brief History of Sumo Wrestling (By Spencer Geren)

A Comparison of the Knight and the Samurai (by Ricky Buria)

Histology of Training (by Don Tanchin)

History of Samurai Women (by Krista Force)

Insights into Karate Do (by Robert Dellenger)

Japan and Okinawa - A Comparison Study (by Matt Dean)

Karate-do and Japanese Reading & Writing (by R Omori)

Kendo - The Way of the Sword (by Megan Westerman)

Leadership (by Andrew Gaudoin)

Martial Arts of the Orient (by Christopher Hagy)

Masters of the Martial Arts (by James Link)

Masters of the Shorin-Ryu System (by Frank Hagy)

Samurai - The Ancient Warrior Class (by Todd Hagy)

Shoshin Nagamine and some of his teachers (by Geoffrey Gaudion)

Teaching Children Karate - Guide for New Shodans (by Mike Kleiman)

The different Organizations of Shorin-RYU (by Mike Barnes)

The Hidden Power in Karate (by Greg George Sr)

The History of Shuri Castle and Related Historical Sites (by Jacquelyn Wiksten)

The Impact of Other Countries on Okinawa (by Patricia Gaudoin)

The Kimono (by Joanna Heintze)

The Way of Shotokan (by David McCormick)

Vital Points of the Human Body (by Chris Sherrod)

Vovinam - The Way of the Vietnamese Martial Art (by Cynthia Nguyen Dang)

Yasutsune (Anko) Itosu A look into his influences and those he influenced (by Mohamed Fahmy Jr)